Statement(s) for my therapist

Me: You wanna make a statement or something? Justin: No Me: cuz I stink. Justin: That’s right. Me: But you don’t say much. … Me: Do you want to make a public statement or a statement for my therapist? Justin: Sure. “I believe Dee can’t stop thinking of me. I talked to him back in […]

Aggressive Thoughts

# I don’t know when it started but some of the voices or thoughts have become increasingly aggressive. It’s like this phone is reading my mind I just typed the first few letters of “increasingly” and “aggressive” and it suggested those two words. Anyway one thought that runs through my mind is “Listen to me […]

How old are you? Updated

When the voices in my head are the voices of people I know, I should ask them how old they are. That way I could ask them in real life and know if the voices are right. For me it means the difference between whether I’m actually “thought-calling”/”mental-calling” (experiencing telepathy) or not. Updated on 7-2-18: […]