Eight minutes of writing

Three apps I would really recommend are Evernote, Simplenote and Web of Trust. I’ve used Evernote on Android, Fire OS, and on the desktop. I’ve used Simplenote in the same places as well as in a mobile browser. I really wouldn’t recommend using it in a mobile browser though since it can be so slow. […]

WorkFlowy v.s. Simplenote

Blog post: WorkFlowy v.s. Simplenote This a comparison between an extremely powerful, albeit unconventional note taking app (WorkFlowy) and a simple, no nonsense, good enough note taking app (Simplenote). For starters I’m writing this in Simplenote and there’s a reason for that. I’ll get to that later. Both WorkFlowy at workflowy.com and Simplenote at simplenote.com […]