Taco Bell


Taco Bell

# I need to start a Google Docs for this.

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Here’s the places Applied at: #BurgerKing, #Subway, #McDonalds, #UnionBank*

Wendy’s T/Taco Bell Today.

I don’t know all the keys.
… And Chipotle’s in progress.

take a walk

I want to go for a walk right now. There’s something I want to see, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Let’s figure it out. Now I always like looking at the school kids waiting for the bus. I wish I could but it’s too late for that. There’s two dogs that always bark at me when I past them. It’s too early for that, they’re not there in the morning. What can I see? I can go see now, wait like an hour and I’ll get back to you.


I just remembered I still owe my mom like 500 something. One time I was at the little church library at people’s church. I was 11 and my mentor Lucy had took me there. I don’t remember what I was reading, probably a children’s book. There was only one other kid there. Lucy was trying to encourage me to talk to him, she said “He’s your friend.” I can still kind of hear her saying it. Fast forward 12 years, to another small room, kind of dim. This one was a room called the senate chambers at Fresno City College. Jan was there with her grandson. I took notice of him and smiled when he did a fist bump with me. We knocked each others fist. Then he started getting a little shy around me. And Jan said it, she said “He’s your friend.” I looked at her when she said it; I was filled with confusing emotion trying to figure out where I had heard that. That confusion became fear, and I just had to leave the room. At 23, in a way I had never been so scared by an everyday moment. That’s what it was like for me to have a flashback.

Library lagging

Alright. I’m here journaling. Start menu thumbs down. End session thumbs up. I only want to say normal things, because I know I say some weird stuff sometimes. Now that I think of it, ah never mind. I’m at the library. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but you’re stressed out.” That’s what people should say to me. I went to church today. Ethiopian church. Everyone was pretty nice. My neighbors were fighting, I got way too involved. I said something about come out here and lay down with me. Whatever. The way I’m talking right now, I’ve talked this way to my brother, it probably drives him mad. You see he likes to ask questions, but the problem is he wouldn’t know where to start with the last few things I said. Today’s October 4th, that’s exactly two months from Jay-Z’s birthday. I’ll probably never know the year. That actually reminds me, I never like knowing things about celebrities like their birthday. It’s like info I really don’t even want to know. 1 minute to go. I’ve been writing for ten minutes. Let me see how sounds. How are you? that’s kind of something I need to say more often. I’m gonna be alright. Ohps, still got time. 13 seconds. We’re done.

jekyll and hyde

prophecy’s dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

prophecy's dr. jekyll and mr. hyde.html
	1:25 PM 1/6/2015

I would highly recommend “Prophecies Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” It is a great read for anyone who wants a thoughtful, biblical explanation of the power represented in Revelation chapter 13. The book was fantastic.

Dee Gebre – Fresno, CA

Author: Stephen Bohr

Copyright 2008

Remnant Publications

Prophecy’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Pastor Stephen Bohr works for a Christian media ministry called Secrets Unsealed

New Year Resolutions 2015


Go to church once a month. One Sabbath a month. Around the same days you went last year. Just about the 3rd Saturday of the month.
Type less often. And when you do type, have great posture. Find other avenues for recording words,
  • handwriting
  • audio recording
  • touch screen (on the tablet)
As far as social life, go back to no jokes whatsoever. Although do say hi to people. Don’t try to be funny.
Journal about your health.
Visit your Godson.
# I might add: I can also call people. It’s not a way to record ideas but at least it’s not hard on my body. I can text people too.
Update from 5-3-20: Handwriting stuff or audio recording stuff is definitely easier on my body than typing but as far as using a tablet (or phone) or texting people see this: 
5 Sitting Posture Tips to Avoid Pain While Typing
I still haven’t visited the young man. I miss him.

fall 2012

Dee, the work isn’t going to do itself.

	12/7/2012 0:18:09 

This is a “note to self” when it was high time to get some work done.

From the date I can tell it was the FALL 2012 semester, and I had to
finish my Tennis Essay, that I had not even started yet. It only had to be one page,
and I remember turning it in the day after it was due. Talk about a nice PE coach.

Well anyways, it was a pretty good time in my life, in one semester, by GOD’s grace.

  • I got my first job offer (A wonderful job working with an Awesome Teacher).
  • I finished my AA degree
    [the years leading up to this, school was finally starting to make sense].

That’s all I want to say, anymore would be bragging.

Go PC Geeks! Go CITzero!

about bible

Bible study notes from July 31st, 2014

Roughly 2000 years ago, JESUS CHRIST came to this earth to do three things.

    1. Be an example to people. Showing us how to follow the Golden Rule.
    1. Show people what HIS Father in Heaven was really like. Loving, Forgiving, Patient.
    1. Be our substitute. HE died on a tree (a cross) for my sins, so I wouldn’t have to.

Sanctuary in the Bible

Altar of incense.

Revelation 5:8


      • 1 Thessalonians 5.21
      • Phil. 4.6-7
      • Matthew 5.16 , John 1.9 Phil. 4.6,7 Hebrews 7.25

Sanctuary in the Bible.

      • Exodus 25 – 28
      • 2 Corininthians 5.21
      • Ephesians 5.25,
      • 26 Titus 3.3,4,5
      • John 6.48-50
      • John

Matthew 4.4

This same verse is also in Luke. Jesus answered him saying “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of GOD


2:51 PM 10/29/2014
7:28 AM 11/07/2015



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