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pcworld 2013

pcworld 2013 mar.
30th anniversary issue / essential windows 8 tips / antivirus suite showdown
#windows 8 superguide 35 essential tips, tricks, and hidden features

#30 great tech events
#stay safe while shopping online
#surf the web anon
ultimate security showdown

/5 things you must know about
xbox smart glass
pcworld 2013 apr.
12 easy pc tweaks / america’s most tech-friendly cities / best ssds

#12 easy pc tasks you should be doing (but aren’t)
must-do tasks

#plus solid state drives
#build a budget gaming pc
#test drive windows 8

/ 5 things you must know about
wolfram alpha
pcworld 2013 may. 2013
101 great websites / portable pc survival kit / the dangerous side of tech (Very important and informative article)

#101 great websites you’ve never heard of
#your portable pc survival pc kit
#the dirty and dangerous side of tech
or the dark, dangerous side of technology
#google calendar tips and tricks

#plus put windows 8’s hidden security features to work

/ 5 things you must know about
outlook 2013
pcworld 2013 jun.
21 worst tech habits / weird security exploits / micro pcs

#the 21 worst tech habits and how to break them
(or 21 fixes for your worst tech habits)

#google chrome
#lab tested: the new wave of micro pcs
#how to setup a vpn with ease

#touch and go
#the weirdest most shocking security exploits
reviews and rankings:
#the new wave of micro pcs

business center
#setup a safe virtual private network

here’s how
#lock down your laptop when you’re on the road
#Play pc games on your linux machine
#how to enable family safety in windows 8
#supercharge google chrome with extensions
#diagnose usb charge problems
#browse the kindle lending library on your pc
#plus coolest windows 8 mice keyboards and displays

/ 5 things you must know about
3d printing

#Quotes by Dee money!

“The world is not all flowers and sunshine the way I thought it was when I was a kid”

“No it is not” replied the lady at Fed Ex


“Sometimes young men are not as nice as old men and women ” ” Some old people are actually very nice; they come from a simpler time.”

“Rich people are very courteoues sometimes”

#people are very busy””” #everybody could use A day off #everybody could use rest ; a Breather

Laugh sometimes; especially at yourself

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national geographic on friday the 13th
Fresno Area Express bus sys

time line

1982 compaq
1984 Michael dell; dell
1985 windows 1.0
1986 i386
1987 vga
1989 html
1990 www
1990 windows 3.0
1991 Pacific bus
1993 Marc andreesen; mosaic graphical web browser
1994 windows 95 ” huge” release
1996 usb
1997 dvd
1998 dmca passes
1999 802.11a/b ratified ( approved)
2000 Sims (ea)
2001 windows experience
2002 windows tablet pcs
2003 and 64 bit x86
2006 Intel core 2 duo
2008 laptops outsells desktops
2009 windows 7 Thursday October 22
2010 apple ipad 1 December
2011 Intel ultra books
2012 Windows 8.0