Rode right out of my life

This post I wrote in May of 2018 didn’t do this story justice. So here’s the the story behind what I talked about in the letter: I had just got back to Fresno from my trip from Santa Barbara. I was standing on the dock if that’s what it’s called. I don’t know what […]


Research 16.04 – Clamav detects Trojans – Ask Ubuntu security – ClamAV: PUA.Win.Exploit.CVE_2012_0110 FOUND (/usr/share/mime/mime.cache) – Ask Ubuntu Bonus Potentially unwanted program – Wikipedia

Problem with my desktop app

Problem with my desktop app link here: Topic: My WordPress linux app is acting different | Forums Here’s what I see when I launch the desktop app on the Linux user account I was signed into WordPress on. The app just shows a typical sign in page when I launch it on my […]

What a Wonderful Web

Services I find worthwhile Simplenote – TechCrunch once called it the planet’s most useful piece of software. I’ve used it almost daily for a long time. Check out their FAQ and this post. Twitter – Forget your friends… interact with complete strangers, public figures, and celebrities. Mind you I do have some real life friends […]

I’m still here. My life in 7 lines

I’ve had technology woes this year and they seem to only get worse. I lost some weight. I’ve been trying to get back to church; I went this weekend. I discovered the magic of audio Bibles. I’ve been spending less time publishing on WordPress. I’ve been playing more Tony Hawk 2; I’ve been trying to […]