Ten minutes IV

This time ten minutes to 7:30 PM when I drink some water. Hey WordPress users remember the recommendation section of the reader. I miss it. If you could recommend any Seventh-day Adventist bloggers I would appreciate it.

/ Mental health
When I was experiencing mental symptoms like flashbacks and distress I found it helpful to call my Health insurance’s nurse advice line. I learned a lot from registered nurses and a licensed clinician.

/ Tech
Frank Abagnale Jr. did a Talk at Google recently where he said within the next 24 months passwords will be no more. He said they’ll be replaced with something else. I think he said this when he was talking about recent security breaches.

Published by Mr. Debrezion Berhe Gebre

I write so my words and story can last longer than me. My name is Debrezion; I’m also known as Derezion, Dee or Azen. I always know where I am by what people call me. I enjoy church, using computers, and of course writing. I’ve been to Ethiopia twice. I was reared in California, USA but my parents are from Ethiopia. I’m lucky to be alive and I should thank God for that.

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