Star date August 18 – Daily schedule

I’m resting in my living room. I enjoyed finding new blogs to read by clicking on the links in my notifications and following links on other people’s blogs. I started following a few blogs. I’m happy to report that the voices are gone. I didn’t hear any today. It’s 4:37 p.m. Maybe I’ll go for a walk at the park today. I still need to shower, wash my clothes, and eat dinner. Well I’m not eating dinner until 5:45 p.m.

I’m following the meal time schedule I had when I was in the hospital last year. It’s really easy.

Breakfast 7:45 – 8:15

Snack 10:45

Lunch 12:45 – 13:15

Snack 16:00

Dinner 17:45 – 18:15

Snack 20:00

When I was a teenager in high school, I always wanted to keep my daily schedule the same whether it was a school day or not. Basically when I had a day off I wanted to study at the same time I would have been in class and eat lunch at the same time I would have ate lunch at school. I was never able to accomplish this though. When I was 18 I had somewhat of a schedule. I would eat dinner at 8 and go to bed at 10.

So far what I’m doing now works best. I guess a schedule is easier to remember if you remember seeing it on a wall everyday (The schedule wasn’t posted at Fulton school). I just need to work in time for exercise and stretching and hygiene.

Published by Mr. Debrezion Berhe Gebre

I write so my words and story can last longer than me. My name is Debrezion; I’m also known as Derezion, Dee or Azen. I always know where I am by what people call me. I enjoy church, using computers, and of course writing. I’ve been to Ethiopia twice. I was reared in California, USA but my parents are from Ethiopia. I’m lucky to be alive and I should thank God for that.

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