one great day

After the PTSD class, I went to Standard Sweets & Spice and had good food. Earlier in the day, I lied and said my name is David. On the bus home, I felt really strong about talking the young man sitting next to me. I wanted to witness to him.

(thought): What if your the only one who can do it?

Me: What can I do for you?

David: uh, na

Me: … It’s a long line. I ask you because it’s like you came to me. My friend Jesus can give you anything you need. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m a Christian. I asked what can I do for you because, Jesus, a man came up to him who really needed something. Jesus said “What can I do for you?”, I don’t really know what happened next, because I didn’t read it. I read it, but I didn’t pay attention to it. What can I do for you?

David: Make it home safe.

Me: …Do you want me to get off here?

David: No

Then there was some silence.

Me: …(I said something else and then): That’s what I can do for myself, what can I do for you?

David: …I’m getting off here.

Me: I am too.

=== =
I have a testimony to share. I thought I was going to have to walk home from there; it was a few stops from where I normally get off. However, just as I was going to start walking, another bus that could take me close to my house started pulling up. I ran to the bus and caught it.

Published by Mr. Debrezion Berhe Gebre

I write so my words and story can last longer than me. My name is Debrezion; I’m also known as Derezion, Dee or Azen. I always know where I am by what people call me. I enjoy church, using computers, and of course writing. I’ve been to Ethiopia twice. I was reared in California, USA but my parents are from Ethiopia. I’m lucky to be alive and I should thank God for that.

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