take a walk

I want to go for a walk right now. There’s something I want to see, but I’m not sure what it is yet. Let’s figure it out. Now I always like looking at the school kids waiting for the bus. I wish I could but it’s too late for that. There’s two dogs that always bark at me when I past them. It’s too early for that, they’re not there in the morning. What can I see? I can go see now, wait like an hour and I’ll get back to you.

Published by Mr. Debrezion Berhe Gebre

I write so my words and story can last longer than me. My name is Debrezion; I’m also known as Derezion, Dee or Azen. I always know where I am by what people call me. I enjoy church, using computers, and of course writing. I’ve been to Ethiopia twice. I was reared in California, USA but my parents are from Ethiopia. I’m lucky to be alive and I should thank God for that.

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  1. Hi Debrezion,

    We wanted you to see this powerful note from the Dominican Republic. Jessica Ortiz, the director of our casework, writes about a 14-year-old survivor of sex trafficking named Clarisa*—a brave girl who’s healing now because of you.

    A man preyed on Clarisa’s innocence and her mental disability. He allegedly raped her many times before selling her to a friend to abuse, too. We stopped these men, but they have yet to be convicted. We can only see justice and restoration for victims of violence like Clarisa with you by our side.

    Will you send your much-needed gift today?

    The IJM Team
    From: Jessica Ortiz
    Date: Wed, 13 May 2015
    To: IJM HQ Communications
    Subject: Clarisa’s case

    I have just come back from a visit to the aftercare home to see Clarisa, and I am so excited by her progress so far.

    When the team first met her, we saw an innocent girl with great need of attention and love. When anyone mentioned the abuse, we could see the pain and shame in her face. It was obvious she was not receiving proper care, with her basic needs unmet and in bad physical condition.

    In her appearance and in her expressions today, we can see that she has a different quality of life. She has many friends in the aftercare home and in church. She showed us her notebook and the homework she has done, all with a beautiful smile on her face. It’s a blessing that this aftercare home was open to receiving her.
    Our team feels so thankful to God for the opportunity that we have to support Clarisa. Seeing her now gives us hope that other girls can experience restoration like she has. We know our efforts are worthwhile now that we can see with our own eyes the difference it makes.

    We’ll have more news on the trial coming soon, and I will keep you updated.



  2. I got some real ambitions to get back into church. The same way when I first started going to college. I was eager to learn how to do things. I was eager to try new things. That is the way I feel about church right now, I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

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