2021 Plans for My Blog

  1. I want to blog whenever I just need to get my mind off of things.
  2. I want to stop using tags because my blog is growing a little too fast.
  3. In an effort to stop over-sharing, I still want to email posts to myself instead of publishing them. I want to at least keep them in my inbox for a week or two and then decide if I want to publish them. I may use note-taking apps to do something similar too.

I noticed my current theme, TwentyNineteen, doesn’t automatically show pages at the top on some screens. So I thought I might post links to some pages here:
Archive (needs updating)

It took me some time but I finally updated a blog post. Here it is: WorkFlowy vs. Simplenote (Updated 4-2-21). I also updated Note-taking Apps which was originally posted on 10-31-18 on 5-20-21.

If you see this post every time you go to my blog it’s because it’s a sticky or featured post. Just look below for new posts.

One Year with the Note8

Samsung Galaxy Note8

  • It’s a fast phone… It’s one of the fastest phones I’ve ever had
  • It has enough storage for me (64 GB) since I don’t take many pictures or shoot many videos and I don’t download many podcasts or videos
  • 6 GB of memory (RAM)
  • I’m able to use it for note-taking
  • The preinstalled Facebook app on it had at least one security issue
  • It’s bulky compared to the original iPhone SE that I had
  • No ultra battery saving mode like the Galaxy Express 3
  • Not the longest-lasting battery (I have to recharge it every day most of the time)
  • It doesn’t come with the Health and Fitness apps that my iPhone SE had (the iPhone notified me of things like how many steps I took each day)
  • Through a quick Google search I heard the Note8 phone is now going to receive quarterly updates instead of monthly updates
  • I really like the phone. I don’t use the included stylus much and for anyone else who won’t make much use of it, the Galaxy S8 may be a better, cheaper option.
  • In about 9 years of using smart phones on and off, the Note8 is the best Android phone I’ve ever had.

How I Decide Whether to Visit a Site

So this morning, I got a notification about a software update for my Samsung Note8. At first I wanted to ignore it and thought it was an update from AT&T. Then I thought it was important and that maybe it was a security update. Later, I Googled something like “Note8 software update” and saw an interesting result from “9to5google .com” and then went on this little adventure…

2-19-21 How I decide to visit an unfamiliar site: check it out on WOT, search for the domain (sometimes with the term “review”), look up wikipedia (I don’t do that as much anymore), all signals go, visit the site, then I go to the bottom of the homepage or page I was interested in an look for a link to a TOS and a policy, even if I don’t click on them, and social media links, particularly Twitter to see if they’re popular enough to be verified. I just did most of that for “Crunchbase .com” because I wanted to know about “9to5google .com” and that was one of the search engines results Crunchbase came up while Googling 9to5google and like usual thought to myself “Why didn’t I just search for them on Twitter first?” I check Facebook too often. I found out 9to5google has 30K+ followers but I’m still not sure if I should trust the site. Well, all the Google result for that site said was Note8 is now going to receive quarterly software updates as opposed to monthly updates and that that was bad news for people holding on to the Note8 and the article was from last October (10-6-20).

— Notes from a Simplenote note of mine called “Purely Technical (” about Technology. At the end of the month, I’ll add “2021-02)” and then start a new note for March.

In case your wondering, I typed those web addresses like this, “site .com”, because I don’t want to link to sites when I’m not sure they are safe yet. You may have noticed that my last post, “2020 posts” includes a link to WorkFlowy.com instead of being a list of blog posts from 2020 the way “2019 posts” was a list of posts from 2019. If you’re unsure if WorkFlowy is a safe site, try the steps above. Feel free to research Simplenote too.

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Chicken for lunch version 2

Chicken for lunch version 2
Version 2 of this post from September 2, 2018
I was sitting by the north-side basketball courts at lunch. I must have gotten out of fourth period, which was the period I was a library aid, early because I was able to walk to the cafeteria, grab my lunch and walk to my usual hang out spot all without seeing my friends. None of my friends were there yet. I sit down on a ledge and not long after I sit down I see Sarah R., my friend, walking towards me. She says “You’re sitting alone. I’ll sit with you.” She sits next to me. I said something like “I would love to talk but I’m really hungry.” Sarah says “Go ahead.” I grab my cold pack which was salad and I open it up. I grab my hot pack which was chicken nuggets and tear them to pieces and add them to my salad. Sarah says “You’re smart for doing that.” Nicest thing she ever said to me. That’s all I remember. This story is significant to me because when I thought about her in later years, I thought I could have married her.


I posted some of April 8th’s journal entry on WordPress in a post called “Today’s Top Five.” So AntonioWestley liked like two of my recent posts. I appreciate that. It’s crazy. The platform I know the least people on is the one I have the most followers on. That’s enough about me. Let me try to not write about myself for the rest of this entry. I basically have to stop saying “I”, “me”, and “my” like it’s a high school English paper. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is one of the most loved and respected video games, let alone skateboarding or sports game, of all time. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 has a similar status but may fall a bit behind. As far as another installment in the series, Tony Hawk’s Underground (T.H.U.G.) is a game one reviewer had a problem with. He found it annoying that players had to complete each goal in a section of the game to move on. Another massively popular game is Spider-Man 2. There was at one point a petition to remake the game. The movie Spider-Man 2 which the game is loosely based on was, according to one reviewer, one that changed what a super-hero movie could be. If you’ve been to anyone’s house that had a large video game collection it’s possible they had at least one game-changing game. Maybe it was Tony Hawk 2, Golden Eye, Driver, Driver 2, NBA Jam, or Super Mario World. The games that were hits are the ones you may have easily come across.

On a completely different subject not every year of high school is hard. A high school graduate named Sam said freshman year is pretty easy and so is senior year. He said it’s sophomore and junior year that’s hard. He may have mentioned that if you pass all your classes you may have a lot of open periods your senior year. To continue on the subject of school, graduating from college takes planning. A college unit or credit is amounts to just about one hour spent in class a week. So if you take US History 11 and it’s three units you can expect to spend three hours in class per week. If you take and pass only six units a semester and need roughly 60 units to graduate it’ll take you ten semesters or five years to reach 60 units not including summer school. Summer school can help a lot. Simply put if you want to earn 60 units in two years at a community college you need to take an average of fifteen units a semester or thirty units a year. It sounds hard but you could save money and be that much closer to your dream career or university. You just may want to put down the video game controller if you want to succeed.