Full of Surprises

I went to CVS Pharmacy, my bank, Wal Mart, and Winco with my mom. I also stopped by Taco Bell on my own.

It took a while to get my food at Taco Bell. The moment I came back to the car… I got a CVS text.

Same amount spent at both stores.

Noticed that my teeth were sensitive to sweets and I didn’t brush this morning so I made plans to brush when I got home.

Wanted to set a ten minute timer for waiting to brush my teeth and that was what the timer was set to last time.

Coincidences? Signs? Nothing?



Blog post- Time Travel

If I could go back in time I might tell myself see a school advisor about which classes to take. That is if I could go back to January of this year.

If I could go back further I would tell myself to see a school advisor every semester. I see that I should have sought counseling my last two years of college. That’s when I was choosing any classes and not earning passing grades.

If I could go back further than that I would tell myself to ask mom and dad to buy me planners every year. I’m talking about when I was in high school. I could have used a planner in Elementary school too.

Peace and the Love of Jesus

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Doing something about UTIs

Doing something about UTIs (and urinary incontinence.)

Here’s what works for me:

  • Not wearing tight clothes
  • Avoiding caffeine
  • Avoiding carbonated drinks which can irritate my bladder
  • Avoiding self abuse

I told a school nurse that sometimes I leak and I just tell myself I’ll drink more water. She said “When you leak you need to go to a restroom.”

That problem is called urinary incontinence. I still try to follow her advice. One way to look at is if some urine is leaking out there’s a lot more where it came from. Hope this wasn’t gross to hear about.



Taking Naps

I’ve heard in a documentary that adults don’t need naps.

I’ve also read about naps of different lengths. I read somewhere that a ten to fifteen minute nap will really recharge someone. A thirty minute nap might make one groggy. Finally a sixty to ninety minute name may have benefits but will leave one feeling groggy (slow and sluggish.) I’ve found in my personal experience that these things about nap lengthy are true.

Peace and the Love of Jesus.


God’s Guidance

11-01-18: Blog post/Fb post: I want to write a blog post I would be inspired by. God loves us all with incredible love. Sometimes people wonder why they had the family they had or grew up when or where they grew up when all of these things are under God’s guidance. He chose to place you in the time in history you live in and gave you the family you have to give you the best chances of making it to Heaven. We might think things would be better if we lived in a different time or had a different family but this is just not the case. I heard this in vespers program partly based on the writings of Paul. I was going to make another point but I forgot what it was.

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Status update 3

10-28-18 Blog post:

I hate things right now. I’m having some difficulties. I don’t feel like practicing good hygiene. I have very little motivation. I hope I can go to the Library tomorrow. I’ll have to make sure I shower today. I need to go there to make and print 9 x 9 charts. I use those charts to track daily habits. Tomorrow is the beginning of week 12 of the semester. That means there’s only six weeks left in the semester. Which reminds me I have to get back to Greater Commons for web development lessons and Kahn Academy for Math lessons.

Peace and the Love of Jesus.

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Freewrite 4

Yesterday the highlight of my day was eating out on a journey to the pharmacy.

Today was a lot less eventful. I still have work to do I wrote in my note taking app. It’s true. I can study Finite Math, pre-algebra, and web development on my own and study the Bible the whole time. Speaking of the Bible I plan on reading a chapter from the Torah every time I practice an unhealthy habit.

About this blog: I feel bad sometimes because some people may have followed me because I wrote about tech but I don’t always write about tech. I feel bad because some people may have started to follow me because I wrote about religion but I don’t write about religion enough. You can’t please everyone. Well, now I think I need to relax. One blogger I know of writes about programming and also has Lyme disease or something so he writes about that too. If he could write about two unrelated topics, so can I I think.


Help a brother (my brother) out

My brother in LA is falling on hard times. I thought sharing his Gofundme page among my thirty or so followers would help the situation. Any advice would be welcomed. He’s not making enough to cover rent and food. He’s apparently living in Englewood. To make matters worse he has a lot of traffic and parking tickets. My older brother is looking to raise $1,500. Again any advice would be appreciated.