2020 Plans for My Blog

  1. I want to blog whenever I feel the need to and I know when I need to.
  2. I want to stop using tags because my blog is growing a little too fast.
  3. In an effort to stop over-sharing, I want to email posts to myself instead of publishing them. I want to at least keep them in my inbox for a week or two and then decide if I want to publish them.

I noticed my current theme, TwentyNineteen, doesn’t automatically show pages at the top on some screens. So I thought I might post links to some pages here:
Archive (needs updating)

If you see this post every time you go to my blog it’s because it’s a sticky post. Just look below for new posts.

Edit from 4-9-20: I added #3 which is about emailing posts to myself instead of publishing them.


I posted some of April 8th’s journal entry on WordPress in a post called “Today’s Top Five.” So AntonioWestley liked like two of my recent posts. I appreciate that. It’s crazy. The platform I know the least people on is the one I have the most followers on. That’s enough about me. Let me try to not write about myself for the rest of this entry. I basically have to stop saying “I”, “me”, and “my” like it’s a high school English paper. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is one of the most loved and respected video games, let alone skateboarding or sports game, of all time. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 has a similar status but may fall a bit behind. As far as another installment in the series, Tony Hawk’s Underground (T.H.U.G.) is a game one reviewer had a problem with. He found it annoying that players had to complete each goal in a section of the game to move on. Another massively popular game is Spider-Man 2. There was at one point a petition to remake the game. The movie Spider-Man 2 which the game is loosely based on was, according to one reviewer, one that changed what a super-hero movie could be. If you’ve been to anyone’s house that had a large video game collection it’s possible they had at least one game-changing game. Maybe it was Tony Hawk 2, Golden Eye, Driver, Driver 2, NBA Jam, or Super Mario World. The games that were hits are the ones you may have easily come across.

On a completely different subject not every year of high school is hard. A high school graduate named Sam said freshman year is pretty easy and so is senior year. He said it’s sophomore and junior year that’s hard. He may have mentioned that if you pass all your classes you may have a lot of open periods your senior year. To continue on the subject of school, graduating from college takes planning. A college unit or credit is amounts to just about one hour spent in class a week. So if you take US History 11 and it’s three units you can expect to spend three hours in class per week. If you take and pass only six units a semester and need roughly 60 units to graduate it’ll take you ten semesters or five years to reach 60 units not including summer school. Summer school can help a lot. Simply put if you want to earn 60 units in two years at a community college you need to take an average of fifteen units a semester or thirty units a year. It sounds hard but you could save money and be that much closer to your dream career or university. You just may want to put down the video game controller if you want to succeed.

Rode right out of my life

This post I wrote in May of 2018 didn’t do this story justice.

So here’s the the story behind what I talked about in the letter:

I had just got back to Fresno from my trip from Santa Barbara. I was standing on the dock if that’s what it’s called. I don’t know what was on my  mind but I look to my left and see people. I look to my right and see people. For whatever reason I look right and back and see people including one special person, Kimberly from the sixth grade. I walk to up to her; she was standing on the train. I say “Hi!” and she says “Hi!” We just stand there looking at each other for a while and then I say “I’m really nervous right now” and she just stands there smiling like me. We don’t exchange contact info, hug or shake hands, or share any plans about what were going to do or where we were going to go. I just say “I guess I’ll see you later.” I think I thought if I saw her in town then I would see her again. I still haven’t.

The end.

Today’s Top Five

I cheat so much in Tony Hawk 2. I started playing again recently on a PS1. When I couldn’t complete a goal one time I just enabled jet pack mode. I ended up getting the high, pro, and sick score in one session. I also cleared the game with Eric Koston with a cheat code. All I got for it was the Officer. Once I medal in the Bullring contest with this pro skater named Kareem I may do the same with him. I cleared most of the goals anyway. That’s one of my goals. “Medaling” in the Bullring contest that is. Here’s today’s list:

  1. “Medal” in the third contest.
  2. Do at least one load of laundry.
  3. Do neck stretches by 4:30 PM.
  4. Preview next week’s homework.
  5. Write about my day if it’s eventful.

Let me explain the first one. I play a video game commonly called Tony Hawk 2. In the game you play through 8 locations. Three of them are contests in which you can get a bronze, silver, or gold medal. When I say “Medal in the third contest” I mean get a medal in that contest #3.

Igler version 2

I was about eleven years old and I was in my sixth grade class. I was in Ms. Igler’s class and I was sitting at my desk. Our desks were arranged in tables. My teacher was giving a lecture if you can call it that. We were just sixth graders. I wasn’t reading anything. I wasn’t writing anything. I was just sitting there, staring at Ms. Igler with my head tilted. And she catches me and it’s like she read my mind because she said what I thought she was going to say. She says “Derezion! Can you tell the class what I just said?” And in a dreamy voice I say “I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention.” I eventually snap out of it and the morning recess bell rings and we’re dismissed. Everyone rushes out the door. I run up to Ms. Igler’s desk which was by the door and we have another little mental moment. I say “Did what you say even make sense?!?” And with her eyes lit up and excitement in her voice she says “I don’t know!”

This story is true as remembered by me and written in the way I would tell it in person to someone who didn’t mind poor style or grammar.


16.04 – Clamav detects Trojans – Ask Ubuntu

security – ClamAV: PUA.Win.Exploit.CVE_2012_0110 FOUND (/usr/share/mime/mime.cache) – Ask Ubuntu


Potentially unwanted program – Wikipedia

Problem with my WordPress.com desktop app

Problem with my WordPress.com desktop app

link here: Topic: My WordPress linux app is acting different | WordPress.com Forums

Here’s what I see when I launch the desktop app on the Linux user account I was signed into WordPress on. The app just shows a typical sign in page when I launch it on my administrator account.

Screenshot from 2020-03-04 13-03-49 Debrezion WordPress destkopThe problem with desktop app across macOS, Windows, or Linux isn’t solved but for now others and I have a workaround.

Comparisons and My Sucess

There’s a mixed bunch on WordPress specifically among my contacts. One person I’m following has been blogging for like 5 years longer than me and actually writes articles and I write unusual lists and other stuff and I have more followers. I have about 50 and he has about 30.

Someone else I follow has 20 thousand followers and writes religious posts. Another has 40 who writes about a variety of topics and is what I call a big time blogger with products and affilitate links. Someone else who follows me has about 100 thousand last I checked. This man with 100 thousands followers also said he’s writing full time now.

Lastly, there is someone who writes, again, articles and started his blog in 2011 who only has 5 followers.

I don’t know how I got more followers than people who write better than me and have been blogging for longer than me. I have a hunch though.

Let me start at the beginning. My main blog was originally called “This is FresYes.” Looking back I see that means whenever someone searched for “FresYes” they may have come across my blog. That’s free advertising! My WordPress.com username used to be citdee1. I later learned that citdee means something in the tech and professional community in India so again people may have searched for “citdee” and stumbled on my blog. My stats show that I have gotten traffic from India and I have one follower from there.

Next, I changed the name of my blog to “School Advisor 26.” It could be that people have Googled “school advisor” and found my blog once I changed the name. I could named my blog after myself. Would I have gotten less traffic because no one would Google a obscure Ethiopian name? I don’t know.

Finally, I used a lot of tags on my posts. I think that helped people find my posts in the Reader. I used tags and categories before I knew how to do it logically. I used to use tags with misspellings, special characters, and long tags because I could. I would write posts on the WordPress.com app for Kindle Fire. That allowed me to use very special characters and I wrote odd tags because I felt like my blog was disposable. Here I am almost 6 years later and it’s a part of my life. I also tend to write short posts that can be read in minutes. If I were following a blog I would definitely want to read 1 page posts as opposed to 5 page posts every time.

The end.

What a Wonderful Web

Services I find worthwhile

Simplenote – TechCrunch once called it the planet’s most useful piece of software. I’ve used it almost daily for a long time. Check out their FAQ and this post.
Twitter – Forget your friends… interact with complete strangers, public figures, and celebrities. Mind you I do have some real life friends and acquaintances on the platform. Be warned: there’s a lot of trolling on Twitter. There could more trolling than you encounter on Facebook and Instagram and those two can have awful stuff.
WordPress.com – That’s the service you’re reading this on unless someone’s pasting my content elsewhere. If you want to start a blog WordPress.com is a good choice.
Zoho – A suite that rivals Google. Online mail, word processing, and business applications. They even offer free WiKis. I have one.

Resources I find worthwhile

CNET – Worthy tech news / Find out everything from details on the latest gadgets to what’s up with popular apps
Mayo Clinic – Worthy health information
WebMD– Similar to Mayo clinic

Links in this post

Simplenote, the planet’s most useful piece of software, is now open source on iOS, macOS and Android









I’m still here. My life in 7 lines

I’ve had technology woes this year and they seem to only get worse.
I lost some weight.
I’ve been trying to get back to church; I went this weekend.
I discovered the magic of audio Bibles.
I’ve been spending less time publishing on WordPress.
I’ve been playing more Tony Hawk 2; I’ve been trying to use a complete roster.
Lately I’ve been waking up too early.