Need inspiration to read the Bible?

Consider these points

“Those who love God spend time in His Word.”

– An elder that Elder Dwayne Lemon met when he joined a church

“There’s nothing more important you could be doing with your time than reading this book (the Bible.)”

– Pastor Kenneth Cox

The end of the sermon on the mount in which Jesus talks about the wise man who built his house on the rock.

See: Matthew 7 and if you want to understand I would suggest you pray for understanding before and after reading.

Free write 5

I don’t want to die
I don’t want to work
I don’t want to go to parties
I don’t want to talk on the phone
I don’t want to exercise
I don’t want to organize my email
I don’t want to go to the movies
I don’t want to be gay (I’m not)
I don’t want to swap rooms
I don’t want to post this on Facebook

I could have classified and divided this list. Some things are things I have to accept. Others are things I have little interest in and one is controversial.

My Church

Dear Reader,

My Church
I can tell you about my lovely church or I can let you see for yourself about it.
Let’s start with YouTube:
Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

Secrets Unsealed (A ministry of Fresno Central Seventh-day Adventist church)
# Note: This ministry has an app and YouTube live stream called SUMTV (Secrets Unsealed Ministry TV)

Secrets Unsealed home page

AudioVerse (A database of mp3 and video sermons ) (A database of Bible answers | You can also submit Bible questions or prayer requests)


I don’t know why I end these blog post as if they were letters.



My app froze and I thought writing and publishing a new post would help.

I have mixed feelings about going on a trip tomorrow. On the one hand me and brother man can work out some issues on the road together. I can also help him stay awake by talking to him if we leave really early. He’s going to Southern California with or with out me and I told him I would think about it when he brought it up this morning. On the other hand, I need to drink gallons of water to heal my problem. That settles it. I have to stay home and drink lots of water and do other self care to fix my UTI. I was also going to say I want to go to church. I’ve been going once every three weeks and it’s about that time. I have to do self care though. That should include some showers.


Debrezion or Dee

Status Update 4

19-07-02 Debrezion – Status Update.txt
I can’t really complain. I used to hyperventilate when I had panic attacks. Now my chest just hurts. I don’t know what to do about the chest pain. I just think I should get regular exercise and rest. Pukan said to ask to see a cardiologist. He said I was so young and even the staff at the hospital said my primary care physician might have me use some device. They never did. I never asked but I may still have some notes on my phone about it.

I just had an unpleasant memory. I remember two years ago I asked to be taken to the emergency room because I had chest pain. I tried to explain my symptom to my mother but she seemed to think I just meant I was feeling well mentally. My brother Sal said something along the lines of “Why do you want to go to the ER?” It’s just that he didn’t believe that I was really experiencing those symptoms. He said it was a little weird that I thought I was having chest pain a day after he asked about side effects of a new treatment I was on (I really should have wrote this in Libre Office.) I was hurt. Some time later I wished to tell him I didn’t even remember the conversation about the new treatment by the time I had chest pain. It wasn’t on my mind.

I know this has all past (Except for my physical and emotional pain) but I wish I knew when this all transpired. I believe I have a planner in a memo pad from this time (The ER visit) but I don’t know where it is.

– Debrezion

What I Like About the Bible

What I like about the Bible

  1. Its length. I don’t think God could have explained the universe and the story of salvation of humans in 30 pages or even 200 pages. He needed roughly 1,000 pages (the Bible in English.)
  2. Its simple yet poetic use of words.
  3. Its pinpoint prophecies. Like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, we Seventh-day Adventists teach that God had predicted in the Bible the fall of Babylon and even given the name of its conqueror hundreds of years before it happened. This means that, hundreds of years before Cyrus was born, God predicted he would conquer Babylon.
  4. Why it’s not a book only for the Jews or the Gentiles, a book not only for the people in Ancient times or for the modern people but a book for everyone. I think the Gentiles could greatly benefit from reading the Old Testament and using verses from it to support claims. On the other hand, the Jews could learn a lot from reading the New Testament and accepting the Christians’ use of the Old Testament.
  5. My two favorite books of the Bible are Proverbs and Matthew for their poetic nature.

Some folks I miss

I miss Raymond from school. When I discovered thought calling I tried thought calling him. It didn’t work. I asked him where he worked and he said the Lucky Aide which is a fictional store from a fictional show I watch. Someone else I miss is Kyle. He was always kind to me. He reached out to me when I started having anger problems. Kyle also was a cheerful person. I only remember him sounding depressed once or twice. Mr. C was also the best Scrabble player. I miss Sarah who I mentioned in my Chicken for lunch post. I lost contact with all but one family who lived on my block. As far as the kids I played with in the neighborhood I’m still in touch with four of them. There’s a pair of brothers and a pair of sisters. You could even say I miss these four as well since I don’t see them that much. Well I’ll end the post here to keep it brief.

Geek Life

A computer is one of the first things I ever had delivered to my house. It may have been the first thing. A computer was involved in one of the most vivid dreams I ever had. In the dream it looked like I was installing Microsoft Windows on my computer. That’s something I had done so many times before but the screen looked less like the screens you see when installing Windows and more like a game or neat website like PearlTrees.

I took my computer to Starbucks, FedEx office, and even to church once. I’ve used Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Chrome OS and Ubuntu. I’ve also used a bunch of other free operating systems other than Ubuntu. I hope I will have much more to experience with technology.

Two Dollars

Two Dollars

# Conscientious version

This is my story as remembered by me. I was at Shields and West in Northern (Central?) Fresno. I saw this guy crossing Shields and he dropped several bills and they blew in the wind. I crossed West and picked up two dollar bills. A lady from across the street walks up to me says I need that and I give her the two one dollar bills. Then a lady driving down Shields (the street the money blew along) stops her car, gets out and picks up some bills. I’m not sure how it happened but I ended up back at the Southwest corner of Shields and West. I ran into the man. He asked me if I saw any money on the ground. I say yes and give him two dollars from my wallet and tell him that other people picked up the rest.

I was at Burger King. I was sitting for a while and not doing anything. This older woman walks up to me and gives me two dollars and says “this is for food.” I order a soft a drink. I go up to fill up my cup but I just get water. The cashier sees me and gives me back my money and tells me I just got water and they weren’t going to charge me for that.

Then on another day, I was at the library. I think I had no money on me but there were two books I wanted that were for sale. I leave the library and start going home. Next, I realize I have some money stashed away in my backpack. I think the books were a dollar each and I bought both of them.